Signature Collection


This is a really personal collection because it’s all about my own fascination and my signature. Drawing and painting is one of my fascinations since a very young age, so it’s like a part of me and my life. And it’s also like a signature or a label of me.

The inspirations of this collection started with a piece of my painting. After finishing the painting I decided to create a collection with my own hand painted canvas to reveal my fascination as a signature in order to present myself.


During the process of creating this collection, I selected painting canvas as my fabric. Not only does this kind of canvas easily for pigmenting which can keep the colors on perfectly, but it also has a waterproof coating on the surface that would keeping the pigments from soaking in.

First, I cut off the pieces according to my design patterns. Then, I painted the shapes spontaneously on the canvas using arylic colors from my chosen color scheme. Finally, I sewed the painted pieces together into a piece of clothing.

In addition, I kept the structure flat and the shape simple as I want it to be like a wearable piece of painting.


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