School Uniform Collection


This collection is a presentation about Chinese students’ school lives and Chinese education from my own culture background.

Chinese school uniform is much more complicated than just a piece of clothing which is extremely different than any other countries’. It could be a piece of clothing, an industry, or even a Chinese social phenomenon.

In my opinion, the biggest problem about Chinese school uniform is the fact that it hides students’ diversities, creativities or even gender just like Chinese education system. The majority of both Chinese teachers and parents believe that students should keep away from their interests, activities or anything that isn’t about “study”. They want all the students to focus only on studying and getting a great grade. And Chinese school uniform is a tool for them to prevent students spending ‘necessary’ time on their appearances.

But the result of this is that by reducing the diversities between Chinese students, not only do they all looked the same like the productions from an industrial factory, but also drowned in the “study”.

In addition, Chinese school uniforms never fit and the outdated design makes students look very unhealthy. They couldn’t express their energetic and dynamic personalities which should be shown at this age.

Obviously, most of the students are not satisfied with their uniforms. So there are some special tailor stores around school to help students shorten and tighten their uniforms. But this is not allowed by the school. Students could get into serious troubles because of this.

After knowing that I wanted to learn fashion design, lots of my classmates have asked me to help them shorten and tighten their uniforms or design clothes for them. So I thought why not combine these two thing together and design clothes for my classmates using old school uniforms.

Consequently, I transformed lots of old school uniforms into a whole collection to present the dynamic and diverse personalities which were hidden.  And I also want this collection to be realistic and fully connected to my culture background, so this is the reason why all the models for this collection are my actual classmates in high school.

I also tried to keep some features of the original uniform because it’s like a bond between the friendship of my classmates and me still sharing an important part in our lives which brought us together.


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