Reborn Collection


The idea of this collection was just simply inspired by the act of taking a shower.

Taking a shower is an extremely simple daily routine in everyone’s life. But to me personally, it’s common but special. It’s a process of you getting naked and enjoying it taking away the dirts and dusts you got from this complicated world. Then you become clean and innocent just like when you were born. So it’s like a “reborn”.


Then, I started to wonder if everyone has the same feelings as me towards this specific daily routine, so I made a questionnaire on social media to ask my friends to describe the act of taking a shower with only one word (Chinese or English or both with the same meaning). And the result turned out unexpectedly with extremely different descriptions from each other. I think this reveal the enormous differences between people as everyone is born unique. So we shouldn’t deny who we are and hide our differences because they are what makes this world more diverse and fun.

I thought it must be interesting to incorporate people’s diverse thoughts about a common act into my work in order to present my definition on reborn and the fact that people are born unique and different.  So I collected the words and created some graphic patterns on the fabric to help me demonstrated my idea through this whole collection.


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